Infrastructure Management and Data-driven Decision Making

Conservation and global consciousness are prevalent themes today, yet municipal offices are still using entirely too much paper. Data that is placed into file cabinets can instead be uploaded into the WebDPW software, analyzed and interpreted. Then, it can be turned into visually understandable infographics that turn abstract numbers into valuable assets for personnel who need to make data-based decisions.

Asset Management Plan

A good asset management plan is scalable and flexible to allow for future growth, and enables managers to anticipate and track problems in key systems.

Asset Management Plans Part 1

Asset Management Plans: A Road Map to Success While it is impossible to prevent all unexpected expenses in your utility and municipality, an asset management plan can prepare you for

Asset Management Plans Part 2

Asset Management Plans: A Road Map to Success – Part 2: Setting Up an Asset Management Plan With the last post, we discussed why it was important to have an