Why You Need an Asset Management System

 Getting Started and Keeping Going: Why You Need an Asset Management System The population of the US is growing. In the four years between 2010 and 2014, the country’s population

US Water Infrastructure Is at a Tipping Point: Asset Management System Could Provide the Answer

To reduce costs and deliver better quality of service to customers, AWWA recommended water companies adopt comprehensive asset management system.

Doing Your Part to Make Our Work Sustainable

What is Sustainability. What Does Sustainability Mean to You? Sustainable Public Works WebDPW Public Works Software

Building and Maintaining Solid Infrastructures

What can a public works department do to ensure that the infrastructure they develop is sustainable and that they are utilizing the data they receive in a responsible manner? The implementation of an asset management system is a big step towards achieving this, but it cannot work in isolation.

Preventative Action this Autumn – Infrastructure Management Tips

Infrastructure Management: showering leaves herald the need for winter preparation. Top maintenance and safety tips for your organization

Asset Assessment: Generalized Environmental Property or Site Specific?

Generalized Environmental Property vs Site Specific Asset Assessment, Which is Right for You? When it comes time to expand or sell off unwanted assets, you will be faced with the need for

5 Benefits of Asset Tracking for Public Works Officials

It is becoming more and more important to have a dedicated asset management and tracking system for your Public Works Departments. Asset Tracking Benefits

Going Paperless: The Bottom Line Benefits

Going Paperless: The Bottom Line Benefits of an Asset Management and Work Order System   Going paperless is the dream, isn’t it? No more time-consuming filing of reports, compromised data

It’s Time to Dump Those Spreadsheets

Simple and easy to use, spreadsheets have their uses. Ideal for certain tasks, they have many limitations when it comes to scaling public works data management tasks.

Pay me now or Pay me Later: Why Asset Maintenance Matters

Pay me now or Pay me Later: Why Asset Maintenance Matters For thousands of years, societies have relied on public works departments for services such as keeping water flowing and